Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meatfest 2009

Our neighbors signed up for a meat-share service. Every month, a load of assorted meat was delivered to their door. But they couldn't handle it. Soon their freezer was overflowing with meat. Meat was everywhere. So they rounded up their neighbors to help. Here is a seven minute video documenting what happened when a community came together. To eat. Meat.

High- and low-resolution versions of the video are available. The low resolution version is grainy but can be viewed instantly. The high resolution version is of much better quality, but takes about five minutes to download.


MEATFEST 2009 - LOW RESOLUTION (click play button on box below).


bokonon_believer said...

not a bad problem to have, not a bad problem at all

Michael Zank said...

In German, meat is called "Fleisch." And this is a website by someone called "Fleisch": It has something that moves and I don't think you would like to eat it.

Patricia Harrison said...

Uh...I think I watched this video too early in the morning. It makes me yearn for fruits and vegetables! But the video deserves an Oscar.