Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dude..., Inc. Self-Delusion Mitigation Services

My friend Matt recently told me why he thinks so many CEOs have gotten so out of touch with reality. His theory: they're always surrounded by yes-men and never have a chance to hear anything contrary to what they think. His solution: hire someone to come in and tell them the cold, hard truth about what people are saying. And who would that someone be? Matt himself, an independent Self-Delusion Mitigation Consultant. Brilliant! I loved the idea and immediately signed on to be a member of the team. Then we got to thinking, wait, it's not just CEOs. Just about everyone in the world is self-delusional. Why not make our services available to everyone?

So, we are pleased to announce the creation of our new company - Dude..., Inc. Self-Delusion Mitigation Services. Please click on the following two links to view a detailed brochure about our company and our business card:

Call now for an appointment! Available times are sure to fill up fast.

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Rich said...

When is the IPO?