Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vanity - A License Plate Memoir

Please follow the link below to my debut documentary - Vanity, a memoir. It's a true story about the decade-long process of getting the perfect vanity plates.


Rich said...

I can't get to the link, but I am drawn into thinking about the high number of vanity plates coming out of the Granite State. I have had numerous conversations with New Hampshire resdients who have vanity plates...with my question always being a simply "Why?" The answer is always the same, "because its free." I actually know a guy who's N.H. license plate says "GAP." The reason...he worked there once. No kidding.

Dan J said...

I've updated the link, so it should work now. It's also now a streaming file, so you should be able to watch it without waiting for the whole file to download.